हरिहरनाथ मंदिर की वेबसाइट पर आपका स्वागत है।

हरिहर मंदिर सोनपुर में गंडक और गंगा के तट पर स्थित है। यह मंदिर विष्णु (हरि) और शिव (हर) को समर्पित है।


Situated on the outskirts of Sonepur, is the beautiful temple of Hari-Har Nath.History says that this temple was built by Lord Ram when he was proceeding to the swayamvar of Sita.
Having both idols of Bhagwan Vishnu (Hari) and Lord Shiva (Hara), the temple is visited by thousands of pilgrims.

Sonepur Mela

Sonepur comes under the Saran district which is located in the northern part of Indian state Bihar. The Sonepur Mela is one of the popular fairs of Bihar. According to the Hindu calendar month, It is organized every year in the month of Kartik (October-November) by the govt. of Bihar.

Sawan Mela

On Sawan devotees from all over Bihar thronged the Shivalayas. Shiva devotees took bath in Gandak river and reached the Shivalayas and performed Lord Bholenath’s Jalabhishek. Also, the devotees offered obeisances by offering Dhatura, cannabis, sandalwood etc. The whole area was buzzing with the cheers of ‘Bolbaum’ and ‘Har Har Mahadev’.

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